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Why Moving Your Body Doesn't Have to Suck.

Let's be serious, exercise gets a bad rep. It's always associated with a ton of pain, agony, a sore body, and looking like you've got a pickle up your ass after you walk out of a spin class. But why must we make exercise so hard?

One reason is that we are taught to believe that pushing our bodies to the absolute limit, burning a certain amount of calories, looking a certain way, or outright killing our bodies to be "perfect" is all part of being fit and living a "healthy" lifestyle. If your not a runner, gym rat, or spin queen, this would make anyone say "EFF THAT NOISE" and forget exercising altogether. I know where you're at, I see you and I want to let you know - that it's 100% false.

Every day you have the right to choose what makes you feel good. You should never feel forced to do anything. I have exciting news for you, there is more to movement than blood sweat and tears! It may surprise you that moving your body can actually be fun and not a form of self-destructive punishment. Movement can be something that lights you up, creates space, and motivates you to keep doing it, again and again. You'll be amazed at your progress mentally and physically when you start to make exercise fun and less about how much you dread getting off the couch.

Here are some benefits of why movement is all around good for your body and soul. Yes, the woo-woo is real...

# 1 - It boosts your self-confidence and brings your sexy back.

Moving your body makes you feel better about yourself because you know you're doing your body good. Infusing movement and making small changes to your routine will make a huge impact on your mood and waistline. You'll feel more confident in social situations - caring less about what people think and more about how awesome you look and feel.

#2 - Your serotonin increases and does the happy dance.

You've heard about this horomone before. It's the one that makes us feel happy and content. Movement switches on your "feel-good" chemical and neurotransmitter and fills your body with good vibes. That's why you feel like Beyoncé after you finish a really good sweat sesh. If you're ever feeling down or unhappy about how your day is going, move your body. Better yet, get outside! Nature is your sweet, sweet friend who also adds even more happiness to your body not to mention mental clarity - but that's a story for another day...

#3 - Stabilizes your blood sugar, baby.

Arguably, the most important of the three, blood sugar fluctuation can cause a whole host of issues from weight gain, mood changes, and stress on the body. Movement helps stabilize blood sugar levels by lessening the amount of insulin needed and balancing blood sugar levels. Our food is broken down into glucose which turns in to energy for your body, where it's stored in the liver and muscles to be utilized. When your body isn't moving and your storage is full, there's an overflow of glucose that's got nowhere to go. Sadly, these little guys find a "forever home" in your fat cells via your increased insulin levels. Long story short, no movement for months causes a struggle to fit into that dress you bought six months ago to wear to that really important work function. See where I am going with all of this...

When your body is regularly making time for exercise, it releases high amounts of energy that is efficiently utilized and makes room for more glucose to be stored. There's a constant exchange of energy that prevents your liver and muscles from overcrowding and moving excess glucose to those pesky fat cells. You're burning and moving energy out, which means burning more calories and removing the need for additional fat storage. Hooray for pants that fit!!

The moral behind this tale is that movement should never feel like a chore, a regimented routine, or a should or have to. Movement should be something you WANT to do and enjoy doing. It should be an activity you look forward to and that creates happiness in your day. Listen to your body, it will tell you what movement (or lack of) will best for you. This could be anything from walking, hula-hooping, dancing like a crazy person, jumping on a trampoline, cutting wood (for all the lumberjacks out there), roller skating, playing with your kids, and horseback riding. You know I have to also mention this doosey, sex.

Ask yourself, what is something you have always wanted to do, or better yet, wanted to do as a kid? Then DO THAT.

Make movement feel good, make it pleasurable and for the love of all things healthy, make it an essential part of your life.

With lots of love,

Erin xo


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