empowering women to develop fierce self-love and become the heroes of their own adventures

My coaching approach is simple. When you commit to consistently taking care of your body, mind and soul with compassion -  finding love is gets a whole lot easier.

After my divorce, I was forced to feel my raw feelings of pain, anxiety, identity loss, and surrender to the uncertainty of life. This undoubtedly was and is the biggest, most terrifying risk I’ve ever taken. Unapologetically, let go of ideas, thoughts, and people I held so closely to truly move forward. The choices weren’t easy and in fact, most times felt pretty fucking impossible. The struggle was real and pain was imminent but I made a choice to show up for myself and keep moving through my journey. I’m grateful I did. 


That's great, Erin but how did you get your shit together?

Holding your shit together is tough and adding the stress of consistency is even tougher.

Let me ask, when’s the last time you’ve tried a new healthy routine consecutively on your own? I’m going to guess you gave up early, blamed yourself, and wallowed in a huge tub of ice cream. Especially, when you are dealing with extreme heartache. Not having someone to constantly push you through the impossible will only continue your suffering.  No one wants that or the extra pounds either. That’s where I come in - your trusted side-kick to guide you through your adventure with the wisdom of having done it before. Truth is, I’ve made the journey before, conquered demons, fallen into dark holes and despite the challenges made it out to tell the tale.




This no-fail, healthy habit master, warrior queen inducing, self love journey. 

Let's be clear, if you want change it takes commitment and I mean more commitment than your last relationship. This isn’t an easy adventure - no epic, blockbuster love story is.  More importantly, You’ll learn what love really means and it's not getting married or having a boyfriend. I'm referring to the raw, unconditional love that begins with you. You’ll learn how to deeply love all parts of you, even the part that thinks you’re a train wreck or the part that thinks you’re ass is too big to be pretty. You’re going to fall so god-damn hard in love with your bad ass bitchiness, you won’t need that douchebags number from the bar. On this authentic self-love adventure, you’ll already have everything you need on your own.

Through this self-love adventure, I did find love. The most incredible & unconditional love I have ever experienced and with the best person possible - me. 

It’s time to stop playing the damsel in distress and become the heroine of your own epic love story.