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Why A Health & Mental Wellness Coach Is Exactly What You Need Right Now.

It’s noon, you haven’t been outside in days, your boss needs the completed project you're working on, you’ve got a to-do list of about a million tasks and calls are scheduled for the rest of the afternoon. You don’t think you’ll get to your spin class and did I mention, you need to call your mom? You think, “Oh god, I can’t handle my life! I’m going to get fired, I don’t have time for lunch, I’ll never have time for the body I want, let alone a boyfriend! My mom will be pissed for not calling her back - and I don’t have enough hand sanitizer for a global pandemic! The sheer terror of it all! Are you feeling stressed? Life can definitely be overwhelming - especially during the corona apocalypse of 2020. What if I told you that you can better manage your stress and anxiety? That you can control your thoughts by rewiring your brain? That you can actually learn to conquer your day, stress-free, and have time for the things you really want to do? Mind-blown. Yes, you can breathe now.

Move over Personal Trainers, enter the Health & Mental Wellness Coach. Here are a few reasons why you need one right now:

Let’s Get Mental (But Also, Physical!)

Truth be told, not all mental struggles are hereditary and some just need a little fine-tuning to get back on track. Just like having a workout plan for your body, you need a workout plan for your brain. Your brain is a miraculous organ, it controls YOUR ENTIRE body, it tells you what to think and tells your body what to do. Yet, we discount its strength and power when we talk about overall health. The good news is we have the capacity to flex our brain muscle to improve its effectiveness. Health & Mental Wellness coaches teach you how to explore how your mind works, find what’s beneath your anxiety and help you wire in new healthy habits (with their Jedi mind tricks) to get you to where you want to be. Many of our anxieties stem from our limiting beliefs about ourselves that we learned long ago. These beliefs are often misinformation we digested from an experience about what we can or cannot achieve. Health & Mental Wellness Coaches help you put together an actionable and attainable plan to reduce stress and get you the life you want while fitting in with your lifestyle. You’ll realize that what you thought was impossible for yourself, is actually quite possible once you transform your mindset.

It’s That Swift Kick in The Ass.

How often do you get super excited about getting up at 6 am to go for a run and then by day two you hit the snooze button? With our busy lifestyles, it's difficult for us to commit to a healthy routine and make it stick. It requires hard work, consistency, and accountability that’s not always possible with our schedules or when done alone. Especially when Netflix and a bottle of wine is calling at the end of a really long day. A Health & Mental Wellness Coach helps keep you accountable when you’re serious about changing your life. They highlight the little habits you didn’t think affects your mental & physical health - but they 100% really do. Yep, I’m talking about that bag of chips you eat right before you go to bed- I see you.

Health & Mental Wellness Coaches will not only teach you to rewire your mind, but they will also teach you about what to put in your body to function at its highest frequency and make it feel really good in the process. Food & nutrition play a major role in the optimal health of your body and your mind. What you put in your body, how it’s put in your body and how you feel about your body - is all connected. It’s pretty fascinating, isn’t it? Health & Mental Wellness Coaches use food and nutrition, movement, and mental wellness strategies that work in tandem, giving you the “best of the best” when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle. Accountability becomes fun (not irritating) with new challenges and habits to try. You’ll be so stoked about your progress you won’t even know your small tweaks are making big impacts! Hooray! Health & Mental Wellness Coaches are the ones on the sidelines every step of the way, always with those large obnoxious signs, cheering loudly to make sure you cross that finish line.

New Habits, Who Dis!

The key to overcoming negative thinking patterns is to interrupt them with a paradigm shift. This means when an old belief is overcome by a shiny new one. Health & Mental Wellness Coaches introduce new thinking habits, challenge old beliefs (and get rid of them), and identify what’s stopping you from functioning at your highest potential - both in mind and body. The amazing part is that we all have the power to shift our thinking. Our mind only knows what we allow it to know and will continue to do what it’s always done until we force an intervention. Everyone deserves a life that allows you to fully experience all the good stuff rather than focusing on the negative and suffering through stress and anxiety every time something goes awry. Health & Mental Wellness Coaches are mental wizards because they empower us to learn new habits, rewire our brains to function for optimal health, keep us accountable in achieving our goals and encourage us to experience life like we absolutely never have before.

To be honest, that’s the closest thing to magic, I’ve ever heard.

To learn more about Health & Mental Wellness Coaching, check out my website,

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