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The One Question That Changed Everything.

Do you know where you're going?

This question doesn't pertain to where you're going on your next vacation, although I'm down for some mojitos in Mexico right now... But this particular question digs deep to ask where you're going in life, one that many people fail to ask themselves.

When my marriage ended, I had no idea who I was or where the hell I was going. I was so consumed with following society's success protocols, being married, and living the "perfect" life I was supposed to. I already had a path, a course of action and a so-called "purpose" as a wife who supported her husband in their goals and aspirations - so what's the point of looking any further outside of that? Not questioning myself or my decisions completely erased who I was and what I actually wanted for myself. I didn't realize the incredible world that I was leaving behind when choosing that narrative. Until I asked myself, "where am I going"? It was a question that I couldn't answer for a long time but when I realized the importance, I asked it of myself, consistently.

I was really good at settling in life and allowing other people to navigate what I should and shouldn't do and where I should go. I became so comfortable that floating through life was normal. Unfortunately, I take full responsibility for that. But when I decided to take my life into my own hands and surround myself with those who were heading in the same direction, my life changed drastically. I took a good look at the people and things in my life that were taking me off course and replaced them with those who aligned with my journey. Not only is this important with your friends and family but also crucial when you're choosing a partner to share your life with.

When you ask a potential partner where they're going in life it allows you to see if you're able to support each other when it comes to your goals, values, and dreams. Having someone who aligns their travel destination with yours is much easier to maintain rather than trying to keep someone on the same road that doesn't want to be there. Wouldn't you want to have a partner that gets damn excited about the same life vision as you do? Find that person who wants to drink wine by the fire in your backyard, raise beautiful children who become good humans in the world, or travel the world building homes for the less fortunate or live in a motor home and eat your way across the country. Whomever you choose, make sure you both accept each other as you are, support each other's journey, and want the same epic life "adventure" wholeheartedly.

Everyone's on a hero's journey no matter where they're at in life. There are no requirements to be able to dream, to have a direction and a destination, you can start literally start at this very moment. You just have to have the courage to choose to go down that road, to listen to your intuition, do what's in your heart, and invest in the people that are heading in the same direction. I'm not going to sit here, lie to you and tell you the choice is easy - it's downright messy, hard and you'll want to give up along the way. Choosing to live authentically was one of the hardest choices I've made. To let go of everything I've ever known and believed... and choose differently. Choosing to be unapologetically me and settle for nothing less in life especially, when it comes to who I am, where I want to go, and who's sharing that adventure with me. That's valuable real estate, my friends.

The thing is the hero's journey is never easy, it's not supposed to be, that's why I call it an inner adventure. It calls you to fight against the things you fear, the things you've been ignoring, it challenges you to the core of you are and your beliefs. But if you know where you're going and trust in the journey, you'll always be going in the right direction. Doing so will inspire the people around you to do the same.

If you're looking for a tour guide on that journey to your epic life, now's your chance.

Embark on your inner adventure here

Love always,

Erin xo

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