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Men are not robots...they have feelings too.

Despite what you believe or what you've have feelings too.

A lot of my work focuses on a woman's perspective of divorce - taken from my own journey. But I don't want to discount the experiences that men go through during a divorce. Despite women being seen as the ones who are affected most, I believe that men emotionally suffer just as deeply as women do.

Divorce is never one-sided when it comes to feelings of failure, regret, sadness, and loss. Both partners suffer no matter how toxic or amicable the breakdown of the relationship is. Trauma still happens.

Both partners lose a relationship, their identity as a couple, their friends, family, security, safety, and the life they had once dreamed of having together.

💔 Not only that, it's common for both women and men to tie their self-worth and success to their family, love, and relationships. Much like women, men become lost, alone, and unable to know what to do next. Because most men don't like to sit with their own feelings and emotions, they find the quickest and easiest route to feeling good again, which can result in destructive behaviours that continue to fuel the cycle. 💔 THOUGH WE MAY DO IT DIFFERENTLY, WE ALL FEEL & WE'RE ALL HUMAN.

Check out the video below to see why it's important to see both sides. xo

If you're looking for a tour guide on that journey to your epic life, now's your chance.

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