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Becoming the Jedi Master of Your Thoughts

I'm sure you've heard this a million times over but it's true... your thoughts control your feelings and your reality. It's something I would have never thought possible because I just assumed what you think is obviously true because it's coming from your own brain. I was never taught differently. When I first learned I had the power to change my thoughts, I believed it was some kind of magic trick. Sounds like something out of the Matrix, right? But learning the skills to become the Jedi master of my thoughts has become my greatest superpower.

The first time I began thought exploration, I was a bit terrified. Like, what am I going to find in there? What if I find out what I'm thinking is true? What if it just confirms the fact that I'm (insert negative thought here). But what if you find out it's not? Being able to question my thoughts, explore how they made me feel, and uncover the truth - gave back my power. It created a greater connection to my intuition and trust in myself when making decisions to be able to reason with what's true and what's false. For me, that's a game-changer.

So how did I even start this? It's your turn now... find a quiet moment, get a notebook or journal and each time you find yourself in a situation where you feel overcome with negative thoughts, start the process below.

Listen to what you say to yourself on the daily and explore how it makes your body feel when you say them. When you become the observer of your thoughts, you'll be able to observe how you're body reacts when you say negative things to yourself. What happens to your body? Do you feel pain? tightness? Do you feel angry, sad, unmotivated, hopeless or space out? Be curious about how you feel and document what you find. Notice what comes up for you and write it all down.

Be curious and question your thoughts. As humans, we tend to believe that all of our thoughts are true. Especially, when it comes to who we are and how we interpret the world. Life is just another person's perspective. Questioning your thoughts puts you in the driver seat and an opportunity to provide evidence for your negative thought. Is there something that can prove this thought? If there's no evidence - consider it false.

Write a list of things you're proud of, what you did to achieve them and why you're so damn awesome. This step is really helpful when you're stuck in a negative thought loop you can't get out of. When you are able to see ALL of your accomplishments and things you've done that you're proud of on paper, it reminds you of your value, and what you bring to the world, and why you're negative thoughts don't hold any weight to who you really are. I keep this list close for quick access when I'm feeling down or want to quit.

Rewrite your thoughts so they reflect the truth and repeat it until you believe them. Flip to a brand-spankin' new page in your notebook and start writing a new thought that reflects the truth of who you really are. Write it with all of your accomplishments and what you're proud of in mind. Repeat this before bed, when you get up in the morning, during a lunch break or paste it on your forehead. Where ever you can to help remind you of it. Repeat it until you wholeheartedly believe this about yourself. Say it to your friends, family scream it from the hilltops, do this often and you'll become a new person - trust me.

The good thing about thoughts is that they come and go. It's about how much focus you put on them that gives them fuel to take over your brain. Remember, you're the Jedi master of your thoughts and the creator of your life, you're the only one with the power to change your story.

Lots of love,

Erin xo

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