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5 Books You Need to Read When You Feel Lost #AF

A tale of self-discovery, listening to intuition and finding one's purpose in life. This book came to me at a time I needed it most. I was recently separated, in a relationship that I knew was not right, and was searching for purpose in my life that I'd been craving for a long time. I read the book cover to cover during a flight for a work trip to Vancouver. I will never forget flying over Montana and having the clarity I was looking for. Reading this book helped me to feel my feelings, let go of my "shoulds" and gave me permission to access the truth to move on my personal journey alone.

When I first started doing research on dealing with anxiety, "The Power of Now" was a book that popped up at the top of my must-read list. As someone who has a hard time staying present, this book really kicked off my adventure through personal growth and self-discovery. I was going through intense emotional turmoil and couldn't see past the dark cloud all around me. This book's guidance through living in the now, controlling what I can, and accept that the past and future were non-existent was truly mind-blowing.

If you're a woman looking to be empowered, look no further. This raw and real memoir of Glennon Doyle's life exposes the "tamed" learned behavior that women have been enduring for years. She had the courage to go against the grain, break free from who she thought she had to be into a woman that is authentically her own. This is a MUST-READ for any woman who needs the inspiration to break some rules in their own lives. This book struck me so deeply as it helped me to see that my life didn't have to look like anyone else's and I had control over how I live it.

These books come as a package deal. They're both by the same author and both deserve your attention. If you're single and feeling lost when it comes to dating, these nuggets of pure gold are for you. As a heterosexual woman, I have fallen into the "dick sand" way to many times when it comes to relationships. I'd get caught up in the idea of the person and the relationship rather than hard facts - it wasn't going to work. These painfully real dating books deep dive into the minds of both men & women, the current state of dating, and smack us with the reality check we need when searching for a partner. Let's face it, sometimes the answers to dating are really just that plain and simple, no matter who is asking the questions.

When life is going pretty shit, this is the book to read. Now, it may seem like a lot of woo woo but hear me out. This is exactly what you need to read if you're on the brink of hopelessness. Everybody believes in something bigger than us, if not then you're completely oblivious to life. No matter what religion you practice or prayer you say every night, you believe in something greater. This book got me out of some deep dark times when life was pretty rough. Gabrielle gave me hope that something greater was invested in me, guiding me to my purpose. Sometimes we just need something to believe in when everything else is unbelievable around us. Trust me, when I say the universe really does have your back. If I didn't believe it - I wouldn't be here pursuing my dreams and writing this blog post... mind blown.

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