20 Self-Love Dates to Inspire Joy in Yourself & Others

** Picture above... is my happy place :)

It takes a lot of courage to turn off the comfortable path you've been traveling on to join another - especially when it comes to experiencing life on your own. Experiences are better with someone else, right? I would beg to differ. The bottom line is you have a choice in how you experience the world. You are the creator of your experience on this earth. I know that my life path has taken many turns, but I have always followed the same route, the safe route. One that I have been comfortable taking all my life. It was in these times of discomfort and loneliness that I realized that I needed to change. I needed to see my life from a different lens. I needed to find myself again...

This summer I've learned a lot about joy. I've learned that happiness can come from the smallest of moments. It doesn’t solely come from sharing life with a partner – it’s about sharing life with myself and the community. I find joy on long walks on nature trails, I find it saying hello to people on the street, I find joy when I'm playing wit