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20 Self-Love Dates to Inspire Joy in Yourself & Others

** Picture above... is my happy place :)

It takes a lot of courage to turn off the comfortable path you've been traveling on to join another - especially when it comes to experiencing life on your own. Experiences are better with someone else, right? I would beg to differ. The bottom line is you have a choice in how you experience the world. You are the creator of your experience on this earth. I know that my life path has taken many turns, but I have always followed the same route, the safe route. One that I have been comfortable taking all my life. It was in these times of discomfort and loneliness that I realized that I needed to change. I needed to see my life from a different lens. I needed to find myself again...

This summer I've learned a lot about joy. I've learned that happiness can come from the smallest of moments. It doesn’t solely come from sharing life with a partner – it’s about sharing life with myself and the community. I find joy on long walks on nature trails, I find it saying hello to people on the street, I find joy when I'm playing with my cat. Joy can be found everywhere if you’re open to seeing it.

Being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely. There are many ways to find connections all around you. Through my own self-discovery, I began to see relationships differently. Having a connection to others doesn't just mean having a romantic relationship for life, it's building and maintaining strong connections with others around you and in your community. I reconnected with old friends I had lost touch with and redefined their place in my life. I even founded a community that I can share feelings and thoughts with others, knowing I was not alone. Little did I know, I was building a strong support system for myself and others without even realizing it.

If you’re feeling stuck and want to cultivate a relationship with yourself and your community. Start with this list below.

  1. Check out a local shop you've never been

  2. Find the best spot for a latte in your area and start a conversation with someone new

  3. Search out a new recipe to make for your meals for the week

  4. Create a photo journal of your local travels and share them on a website

  5. Pick up a canvas and paint whatever comes to mind (or a paint by numbers)

  6. Restore a piece of furniture to accent your favourite room

  7. Start a book in a genre you've not read before

  8. Find a new hiking trail in a part of the city you've never explored

  9. Explore a new neighborhood and find your dream home

  10. Volunteer in your community doing by doing something you enjoy

  11. Create a playlist of songs that inspire you... trust me this takes some time to perfect

  12. Get a 1000 piece puzzle and start it on your living room floor

  13. Bake a new dish with a vegetable you've never tried

  14. Plan a detailed itinerary for your next trip abroad all the places you'll see, the food you'll eat, and people you'll meet

  15. Write a letter to a friend you haven't seen in a while

  16. Dance in your living room to songs from your childhood

  17. Create a themed movie night complete with butter popcorn and treats

  18. Create an online community that shares a topic of interest or hobby

  19. Take a picnic and a book to your go-to nature spot

  20. Put together an adventure board of what you'd like your life to look like in 5 - 10 years

When you start exploring who you are and what you value in life, you’ll find yourself wanting to help others do the same. You never know who you might inspire while on your journey to self-love.

If you want MORE SELF-LOVE DATES and haven't checked out my 101 Self-Love Dates for Cultivating a Relationship with Yourself - GET THEM HERE!

To learn more about beginning your inner adventure to self-love, head on over to

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Sending so much love to you all,

Erin xo

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