"I am personally not a fan of opening up in front of a group of strangers, however the event atmosphere & the guest speakers were SO welcoming and friendly, it made it easy and liberating. It was an atmosphere of trust, warmth and understanding; and of no judgement or constraints. 


The personal stories that were shared on this day were filled with sincerity and strength, and they inspired me not to be a afraid of a challenge and always look for strength within. Most importantly however, these stories have taught me that we are not alone, and that many of us go through similar experiences.  


The Joy Tribe Co. makes it possible for people to come together and share their experiences in a non threatening environment. It also helps to establish meaningful connections and learn new truths about one's own strengths and abilities. I look forward to participating in another one of these wonderful sessions in person, once the threat of Covid-19 is all behind us. Meanwhile, I will be tuning in online :)"


"The Joy Tribe Co. has really helped me in recent months. When I first met Erin, her passion and determination rubbed off on me and I was excited to hear more about The Joy Tribe Co. When I went to my first event, I was not disappointed. Hearing others tell their stories offer a great deal of perspective and inspired me to keep growing as a person. I look forward to many more events from The Joy Tribe Co; and I've been known to be hard to impress."


"I didn't know if the Joy Tribe Soul Sessions were for me. I have day-to-day anxiety, but wouldn't say I suffer from mental health. This event allowed me to learn from others, connect with new people.. and myself in a whole new light. It's attracts amazing people who are willing to learn, share or be open to new experiences. Can't wait for the next session!"