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Finding Your Next Best Thought

Ugh. Sunday's can be the worst.

You've just had a fantastic fall weekend, you've gone apple picking, went to a local farmers market, and drank all the pumpkin spice and everything nice then...

BOOM. It's Sunday night... you've just finished bingeing Netflix, you're anxiety is up and you can't shake it. Another week is looming before you and you're down in the dumps.

I know, I feel you. Sometimes, we can find ourselves in some pretty low places, no matter what day it is. We feel sad, anxious, depressed, frustrated, and angry. Sometimes at others, at the world, or even ourselves. I suffered from the Sunday scaries (and really any time scaries) chronically until I learned a little thought trick ... finding the next best thought.

To be honest, I actually had a completely different idea for this email. Instead, I felt called to write on this topic after reading an email that really rubbed me the wrong way. It left me angry, annoyed, and downright agitated at people in general. I mean, we all get sh*tty and unwanted news sometimes. It was the last thing I wanted to read before I shut down for the night. I just couldn't let the feelings go...

Until... I decided to pause and find the next best thought...

Until, I remembered the awesome day I had, the feeling of the sun on my face during a long walk, seeing the colours of the leaves in the trees while listening to my favourite podcasts. The pause reminds me of all the good things that are in my life despite whatever I was experiencing. The reminder that I cannot control the news that email brought, but I can absolutely control how I was going to feel afterward. Finding pause gives me the opportunity and space to find the next best thought that will make me feel a little better.

When you feel like you're going to explode, use this guide to help you find the next best thought. I use this emotional scale (from Millenial Grind) inspired by the teachings of, Abraham Hicks. Scroll below to see how to use it...

You start at the bottom (the emotion you’re currently feeling) and make your way to the top, one feeling at a time. The idea is to slowly move up the scale one emotion at a time, while you're doing this, you're also moving into a higher vibration. Magic, isn't it?

IMPORTANT...Don’t try to immediately jump to a new emotion that’s too high on the scale; the key here is to move slowly. Small steps create a bigger impact.

You'll notice the change in vibes because you'll start to feel a release of pressure and tension and instead start to feel calm and stable. Once you start using this practice often, you will also notice you can self-soothe and self-regulate your emotions much faster than before. Now that's a win!

Once you start to feel better, step away and distract yourself from the situation do something that gives you joy. You'll realize that you've forgotten about your negative vibes altogether!

I hope this tool helps you transform your anger, pain, frustration, and anxiety into joy, happiness, compassion, and calmness. That's the beauty of positive thinking, my friends.

Forget the Sunday scaries, and replace it with your Sunday self-care :)

Lots of love,

Erin xo

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