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THE mindful coach

You are the creator of your universe, the captain of your ship and the blockbuster film director of your mind. It all starts with taking small steps that lead to bigger leaps. Whether you are looking to stay on track with a diet or work out plan, need support in getting through a difficult life transition or help find your next hobby,

I am here to discover what lights up your soul.

the soul sessions

The Soul Sessions are dedicated sessions to bringing awareness to the every day challenges of the mind. These sessions focus on finding happiness through struggles and most importantly, feeling alone in the world.

The Mindful traveller

Learning to love yourself begins with immersing in the culture, the food and the history in all parts of the world.  Share your experiences with other creative souls that share your passions. Collectively, your collaborative & cultivated experiences with other soul searchers will not only help you find yourself and your highest potential, but will be helping others find the same.